Our Banquet Room

Our Banquet Room

Our Banquet room is located on-top of the modern building which houses the Los Cucos Signature kitchen. From the top-deck, you are advised to put your silverwares down as you are able to see a breath-taking sight of our very own Downtown Houston. Reserve the Banquet room for any special occation, from birthdays to bussiness meetings. Stun your guests with our fresh & hot food, and a sighth never before seen.

The banquet room provides:

  • Tables
  • Silverare & Cups
  • Decorations

Food Selections:

View through our various Menu selections:

The front view of the NEW Los Cucos Signature Mexican Cafe
Spectacular view from The Banquet room!
Join us and let us serve you at our banquet bar
Hold an impressive & comfortable meeting in our Banquet room!